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THE Physical Immortality Project of.....EARTH

Check it out! has just discovered the IMMORTALITY drug. This is evidence that our species is in hot persuit of stopping death. Please get on the team. Excuse me, but i'm intending to bend your life path right now. Superhumanity wants YOU! Humanity needs your life just like you need your life! It's time for YOUR enhanced preservation intention and aptitude; DEVELOPE the tools of the perfect attitude. The INTENT of this site and its author, Robert Ray Hedges, is to become the MOST important site on and the HEART of the ENTER-NEAT! What is the most intelligent use of intelligence? TO KEEP IT 4 EVER! Are you free enough to give up freedom for perfection aerobics. I'm creating and claiming that stopping physical death for those who wish to truly live, is the MOST positive use of intention-time. Our enter neat-intent INTERNET system needs everyones genius awakened and engaged. Ignorance, a curable dis-ease, is our common enemy. The sun has/is driving the chemical-time-harmony-life-force system which replicates, mutates, enhances, constructs, and improvises sensing mechanisms to adapt us to our environment and in humans to evolve even the foundational genetic map with our conscious volition. As a species, we are mobile, educating, fearful, smart, stupid, wonderful, crazy, and waking up rapidly. Amoung us are prophets, teachers, and angels and amoung them have come some we call the SHINING. The sun-earth-dna system is killing every model it makes until we act to change that as an earth/science/people collective focus. -------------------THE RESOLVING ANGELS OF DESTINY--------------------

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Resolving WAR by the year 2000

Human primates can adaptively override their dna encoded psycho-genetic pre-disposition behavior much like a computer can be upgraded. Male anger has two primary subset sources and once they are understood, the resolution of death, war and prostitution can begin. And, just like the computer, in order for this to be actually accomplished, you have to take your unit in to be worked on. Specifically, all you need is an open mind and an internet connection. How wonderfull, beautiful, free, and simple! E-mail me your willingness and questions/answers The best teacher of truth is the fastest learner of truth! Male anger subset 1.) Involuntary, painful, temporary existence dynamics which, when talked through with parents when possible, begin to lose negative charge. Male anger subset 2.) Psycho-social-sexual subservience dynamics which are incompassionate, selfworth eroding, and very frustrating to experience, lay the groundwork for feeling like killing something. Sexual access differiential dynamics combined with matriarchal passivity and deception and combined with patriarchal pretended acceptance, passes psychical subversion dynamics to yet another virgin generation until clarity, virtue, honesty, strength, and forgiveness can cleanse away this unfortunate inherited psychical virus.

Principles of Physical Immortality for Humanity

Religion set the groundwork of IMMORTALITY thousands of years ago in various cultures. Science is a para-religious, para-governmental, para-sexual, unifying phenomenon and the high speed para-internet is already under construction. Evolution required billions of years and great sacrifice to bring us to this graduation out of confusion into coordinated pure eventually conquer all forms of physical demise. Happy birthday SUPERHUMANITY!!!

Robert Ray Hedges
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